The Mainspring talent management framework is the collection of documented processes upon which Basis HR is based.

These processes may be used as is or adapted to the specific circumstances of an organization.

While the nature of HR must often require precise procedures, where possible, the processes are non-prescriptive, meaning the material may be used or not depending upon the needs of the organization. This makes for easier adaptation.

Guidance material is als provided to help establish policy and embrace more of less of the framework as an organization's talent management program matures.

Additionally, "extensions" to the framework may supply material that is suitable to a particular industry.

Basis HR provides features in support of TMF processes, but attempts to remain flexible enough to allow organizations to use both the tool and the framework in a flexible and productive manager.

The framework provides guidance and processes for the full life cycle of employment:

  1. Strategy
  2. Recruitment
  3. Placement
  4. Assessment
  5. Development
  6. Reward
  7. Exit

The Employment Lifecycle


A talent management strategy forms the basis for organizing people around your most important goals. Basis HR will help you make deliberate choices based on organizational strategy, succession plans, and key positions.


Whether you are looking internally or searching the marketplace, finding the right people is the basis for sustainable organizational growth.


Placing the right people in the right positions ensures the best possible outcomes for both the organization and its employees. Search for the best talent within, and overcome challenges with the employee on-boarding process.


Rise above tedious, subjective and ineffective performance evaluations to create dynamic, objective staffing assessments that measure what's important to your organization.


Assessments provide the basis for continuous professional development in the areas that will have a real impact on the capability and contribution of your staff and your organization's mission.


The Reward stage seeks to reduce the cost of turnover and ensure that everyone is fairly rewarded for their contribution, protecting the bottom line while improving retention.


Employees may exit an organization for a variety of reasons. A structured and deliberate approach to the termination of employment helps improve the organization and protect both it and employees.