For HR

The HR team can use Basis HR to manage organizational structure, define positions, track employee data, and more.

The dashboard provides a convenient and quick access to all HR areas within the tool.

Create plans for budgeting, recruitment, and succession. Manage alternative plans and transition from one planning year to another.

Set the active plan to capture changes to organizational structure, positions, key players, and budgets.

Create organizations and define business units

Visualize organizational structure.

Visualize the organizational chart as distinct from the overall structure.

Define the positions into which people will be placed.

Plan for succession by identifying key positions and the likely positions that may be used to fill key roles as they are vacated.

Define the strategy for each position and the budget impact of unfilled positions.

Establish the priority, costs and other parameters for recruitment.

Sort, search, and filter employee data.

Review employee detail.

Track and manage employee data.

Reports provide insights into the organization and its transition to solid talent management practices.

Collect and compare the results of initial assessments to test the design of professional ladders.

Compare market research data with current compensation to reveal areas of compensation weakness and areas for urgent improvement.

Reveal differences in current compensation versus the results of capability and compensation as measured through professional ladder assessments.

See the budget impact of assessments based on professional ladders.

The content management system (CMS) allows HR staff to create and publish content for managers and staff.

Manage news and events.

Define and manage resources with the built in knowledge management system (KMS).

Create and manage content for training and professional development using the built-in learning management system (LMS).

For Supervisors

Supervisors are provided a variety of tools to help manage their staff, create ladders, conduct assessments, provide coaching, and review reports.

The dashboard provides a convenient and quick access to all management areas available to supervisors.

Create and manage professional ladders used for staff assessments.

Quick edit ladder information, view ladder detail, and engage in reviews to approve and accept professional ladder designs.

Review and manage your staff information.

Create new staff assessments based on professional ladder criteria. The assessment wizard steps through all criteria to arrive at a ladder level for the employee.

Manage staff assessments, review and comment on assessments, and approve assessments for the record.

Coach employees by reviewing and commenting on journal entries, career plans, and self-assessments.

Reports provide insights into the organization and its transition to solid talent management practices. Supervisors have access to many of the same reports provided to HR, but for only a subset of data to which they have access.

Supervisors may provide settings specific to their business unit.

For Staff

Staff members have access to career planning and development tools, including journaling, self-assessments, and professional development.

The dashboard provides a convenient and quick access to career management activities.

Create plans, objectives, and next steps for professional development. Built-in planning questions help staff think through and develop their plan.

The built-in learning management system helps tie the results of assessments and the objectives of career planning with professional development content and tracking.

Learning content organizes topics into "streams".

Learning topics organize text, documents, audio and video as topics in a learning stream.

Create journal entries to track progress and thoughts.

Create self-assessments with the currently assigned professional ladder. Staff may create a self-assessment for any ladder to see how they might perform in a different position.

Employees may self-manage some of their HR data through the employee profile.

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