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What is a professional ladder?

A professional ladder, sometimes called a career ladder is a means of defining progress up the rungs of occupational capability. There are many takes on this, from simple to complex. The Basis HR definition of a ladder includes defining desired capability and contribution of employees. See this article on professional ladders for conceptual examples and problems solved.

What is an assessment?

In Basis HR, and employee assessment is a collection of rankings for the criteria defined in a professional ladder. This is an objective system that delivers vast improvements over the typical performance evaluation.

Why don't you support performance evaluations?

In Out of the Crisis, page 101, Dr. Deming states the following as one of the seven deadly diseases, saying: "Evaluation of performance, merit rating, or annual review ... The idea of a merit rating is alluring. The sound of the words captivates the imagination: pay for what you get; get what you pay for; motivate people to do their best, for their own good. The effect is exactly the opposite of what the words promise."

Isn't an assessment just a re-working of performance evaluations?

Assessments in Basis HR are defined by criteria important to the employer. This generally maps to industry standards with a smattering of specifics as needed. Instead of things like "works well with others", an assessment covers detailed aspects of responsibility, presence of critical skills, and so on. While it's true that these items are numerically ranked (similar to performance evaluations), the thought behind the ranking is based on demonstrable aspects of a person's job.

Does Basis HR provide support for managing payroll?

Not at this time. There are many well-established products for payroll, and most ERP systems include some sort of payroll module. Payroll is likely to be an integration for Basis HR rather than a feature.

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